The Protoprop Story

Print What You Want, When You Want

Protoprop is all about providing you the means to bring your ideas to reality. We are a small, dedicated group with a profound love for additive manufacturing. We do everything from personal prototyping to parts manufacturing for companies. This is why we love what we do, we can help you no matter the challenge. Let us bring your creative concepts to life!

X Ray 3D Printer

Who We Are

3D printing is ground breaking technology which has been used for decades by the industry. We combine the best of digital and physical worlds..

Our LLC was founded this year of 2022 by Ray Whitt, an aerospace manufacturing engineer and additive manufacturing geek who wanted to provide the means to obtain model figurines, props, miniatures, cosplay items, parts, and prototypes without costing a fortune or having to wait for availability. His solution was to provide an in-house solution for the everyday consumer to obtain their prototypes, props, etc. at an affordable means without delay! As a result, Protoprop was established, an ever-developing LLC that provides the means for everyone to receive their self-made designs and props, reasonably. Our growth and future expansion to come has and will always be about providing you, our customer, with the best possible additive manufacturing experience in the industry.

Company Values

"Do cool things, meet cool people."

We make 3D printing accessible to everyone. We believe in precision for quality to a level of obsession. We only sell quality products that are vetted and perform as advertised. We believe personal relation are more important than any sell or any profit.


"Protopop is a 3D printing company that is focused on making the benefits of the technology accessible to everyone. We believe in the power of technology to democratize manufacturing and empower people to create the things they need and want."

What We Do

We provide a print-on-demand service. Bringing your needs, wants, and self-made designs to life. We provide 3D printed products in two variation-al methods; Fusion Disposition Modeling (FDM) and Stereo-lithography (SLA).


Our vision is to provide a 3D service that is "all under one roof". To lead in this industry while providing solutions to new markets.

What They’re Saying

Luis Falcon

10/10 Perfect 3D gear Print ! I requested a highly detailed gear for my own motorized Ironman helmet and Protoprop delivered with the highest of quality !! My own 3D printer couldn’t print at the quality, but now I can finish my helmet and know that printed parts are reliable and are the least of my worries that something could fail.

PROTOPROP Industries We Serve:

The Heart of What We Do

Our work includes but is not limited to

Image by Ryan Spencer


Image by Jonathan Chng

Consumer Products

Image by Tom Claes


Image by Harley-Davidson

Bike and Parts

Image by Marília Castelli


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng


Educational Toys


Image by Tool., Inc


What's our next step?

We are a small business with only a few behind it. However, we are dedicated and passionate to improve the aspects of where we lack to accomplish our vision! We are looking and training ourselves to provide our customers, you, a means to receive custom work. We are, at this time, training our members in a variety of software's to provide "on point" digital products and be capable to bring your ideas to life. (Software: Maya / 3DS Max, ZBrush, & Blender)

Furthermore, we are awaiting on equipment upgrades to provide multi-color single prints to mitigate or remove painting for our customers with the use of multiplic extruder printers. Using multiple extrusion printers also provides another exciting benefit, the use of using multi-material as well. This provides a means for us to use water soluble supports to prevent majority of print damage done by support settings. Mitigating or removing post processing!

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